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This photo reminds me of a time I was boarding a plane and got to my seat at the back of the plane only to realize I was going to be sitting next to the most beautiful dude I have ever seen.  We both smiled at each other and after I stowed my backpack in the overhead bin, I somehow tripped foward and literally ended up falling onto the dude with my hand on his crotch.  I couldn’t have planned that if I wanted to. 

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where did you know the dude? /post/11012371353
dudesndudes dudesndudes Said:

When he lived in Chicago.  Lost touch with him when he moved to L.A.

So fucking beautiful!!

So fucking beautiful!!


Beautiful boy thinkin dirty thoughts… :)

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Hot blog keep up the good work :)
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Thanks Dude!!  So love your blog also!!  LOVE me some ASS!!  ; )